And Exhaustion Sets In

Relient K @ AgapeFest 2008

(via joelgoodman)

So. It was a great weekend. Weather turned out to be great for the event on Friday. Saturday was cold but no rain, which is a good thing. The headliners were great as were the support acts. No major incidents. All in all a great weekend.

I met Relient K’s merch guy (well, for this show). Turns out he actually is a freelance designer and did a bunch of stuff for Lovedrug back in the day. He also knows Rory and Chris Donahue at Militia. It’s always kind of cool for me to make connections with people like that. I mean, he’s kind of doing the sort of thing I’d like to do.

Sleeping in after these things is nice too. I went back out the fairgrounds this morning

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