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So there was this one time, back in the day, when there was no such thing as a .co domain. And there’s this (pretty awesome) film score composer in Los Angeles with whom I share a name. And because he’s sort of famous and a bit older than me, he totally grabbed before I could even register a domain. In those days I thought I’d be clever and grab and add my name as a subdomain. And it was good.

But today it finally clicked… I could probably grab and get the TLD name I always wanted, but more awesome because it’s a .co.

And so it was done. And so my site is now at … And now you know.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Twitters.

Dept 3

Fresh New Servers

For the past two years this site has been hosted at Dreamhost. Over the past 8 months or so this has been horrible. The worst thing ever in some ways. Apparently the three active WordPress sites I had running at Dreamhost were killing my shared hosting account. This meant the sites would 404 A LOT. I took the appropriate actions that Dreamhost recommended. I cached the hell out of the site, really cut down on plugins used, optimized my JS and CSS… still, no change. I even started using Cloudflare (awesome by the way) to cache and serve my site from their pseudo-CDN. (more…)

During his visit to the Google campus, Conan ended up speaking on digital participatory culture and how the power of the online masses has affected his life, his live show, and his future as an entertainer. He gets it, and he embraces it. It’s a great talk, really funny, and Conan gives some insightful remarks.

The section I’m referring to starts about 17 minutes in, but you really should watch the whole thing. It’s hysterical.

@Google & YouTube Present: A Conversation with Conan O’Brien

Conan on Digital Participatory Culture (Among Other Things)

Re-blog: Brad King – Shut Your Digital Native Piehole (52 of 90)

Some insightful observations. Why should we teach media literacy? Right here is a good reason.

These children have grown up with digital technologies, but in a very limited way. They know a few things quite deeply, but they – as we did at their age – have no great appreciation of the subtleties of the tools. The expanse and use of the tools. The possibilities for tools that don’t yet exist.

They can push buttons, but they can’t make them.

Brad King: – Shut Your Digital Native Piehole (52 of 90).

Definitely poignant. How do we increase the literacy of kids? This is why we need media and digital citizenry taught in school. Kids grow up with computers, but they don’t know how to really use all the tech that’s out there. There is also Henry Jenkins’ position of ethical standards not being learned in an always-on world. Being native doesn’t equal being literate. And literacy has changed.

New Host

I’ve started to migrate my sites to DreamHost. It’s been awesome so far, and I’m glad to FINALLY be with them.

Getting over to DreamHost has been a plan of mine since college, I just haven’t been able to afford it/have already had hosting.

In any case. DreamHost was super easy to setup, provides tons of space and bandwidth (unlimited) and is pretty affordable when you purchase in bulk. It’s also super fast. A lot faster than my previous host.

If you’re interested in using DreamHost, please use my email joel [at] thegoodmanblog [dot] com or click through this link. And, I’d love to answer any questions you have.

Ummmm… that’s about it. This weekend is going to be about getting everything moved over. Jessica has a new job and it makes her work some evenings. Which is sad. But I am hoping to use some of that down time to write music. I’ve been feeling the urge to write for a few weeks, so hopefully this time will be productive for me.

Hopefully there are some other exciting changes happening in the next few months, but nothing I can talk about yet. I have a couple cool projects going on and some other prospects in the works. Stay tuned.

From the Internets

My friend Thom posted a blog entry a couple days ago and then we started talking about ‘tics. And you all know how outspoken I am. Anyway, another one of his readers responded. And not too nicely either. But Jessica said I should post my response here. You can read the tip-off and the subsequent comments on Thom’s blog here.

Hi Thom.
Have I mentioned I care for the way you spell your name?
I am fighting back some frustration with Joel.
Joel writes well enough-but it reads like a transcript from Limbaugh.
Using a justification that Gov. Palin would be better than VP Cheney doesn’t hold much water. My brother, Luke, would be a better VP than Cheney and he hasn’t cut his hair in a few months.
It seems that is Joel feels it necessary to use “BHO” as an acronym for Sen. Obama, he may have some deeper reasons for not liking him beyond an policy issues.
I am with you on being inspired. I, too, have not always voted Democrat. But now that I have a daughter, a mortgage, and an awesome wife to take care of, the future is a major concern.
With Sen. Obama, I feel like the future will get better. With Sen. McCain, I get scarred. He seems to believe in a black and white world when it is almost always grey. I will expand on this on my weblog.
Peace dude-rock it.

Well, it’s obvious that the PC movement has poisoned this debate. I use BHO to represent Barack Obama (whose state I live in, actually) in the same way I use GWB to indicate George W Bush. It’s shorthand online.

As for the Limbaugh comment, I haven’t listened to Rush since I was a kid in my dad’s car. Never once have I chosen to listen to Rush. And in this election I watch CNN and BBC World News America supplemented with NPR news online. I am a registered Independent in Illinois, and am so because contrary to Brad’s “feelings” about Obama, I am thinking through the campaign.

The Cheney/Palin comment was a joke, you know, because Thom and I are friends and I feel like I can joke around with him.

Now that I am out of school, have a wife, own and am renovating a house and am trying to improve my family’s life, I too am thinking about the future. A future where I will be taxed higher, will be fighting amongst the thousands that will be getting a degree on the taxpayer’s dime for a not-so-good paying job, and will be living in a country that quite possibly could be attacked at any moment because of our president’s naiveté if Barack Obama is elected into office.

I am thinking about a world bigger than my little town, bigger than my little life. I’m thinking about history and its tendency to repeat itself. I’m looking at how today’s world looks a hell of a lot like the early days of the Cold War, or even the mid-90s when Bill Clinton was running on “change.” A man who inherited a great economy on its rise (and a tech boom that helped a lot) but who contributed to financial ruin today.

I can’t rationally vote based on “inspiration.” I can’t rationally vote for the socialisation of this country. Yes, I do lean Neocon. But that is because this is a time to be more conservative and conscious.

What I don’t like about “BHO” is his record (in my state! I’ve been following his career since probably before you knew who he was), his policy, and his fantastical idealism. Because idealism doesn’t work. Especially not when the leadership is corrupt.


Ummm… what happened?

So... whats going on guys?

So... what's going on guys?