My face replicated 3 times on top of each other. There are also big leaves around me.

Career Highlights

Before founding Bravery Media in 2012, I worked in web and digital strategy roles at two universities. My career has run the marketing gamut from content strategy and social media to web design and campaign management. Those foundational experiences built my higher ed network, bolstered my reputation for impeccable quality, and continue to help me propel higher education toward its potential through Bravery.

National University (2018)

I redesigned the university’s website with conversion rate optimization as the focus. There’s a whole case study on this project over on the Bravery site. Baseline though:

  • 128% conversion rate increase year-over-year
  • $8-10 million in new first-year revenue
  • Work paid for itself in 8 days

How I did it

  • Four months of research, relationship-building, and strategy
  • Two months of design with trusted friends
  • Appropriate budget for the project
  • Focused and participatory client partners

Thought Feeder Podcast (2020-2023)

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I started a podcast with my friend Jon-Stephen Stansel. We discuss marketing, UX, and other digital issues with professionals across various sectors. While the show has a higher education focus, we tried to show how all digital industries overlap in the challenges they face.

Selected Episodes

Bravery Media Awareness (2022-2023)

In 2022, I hired two full-time employees after running Bravery for ten years with contractors. With our new Director of Marketing, Carl Gratiot, we began digging into louder, youthful visual styles and producing a lot more media.

Higher Ed Hot Takes

Product Promos


Appendix B Podcast

The Bravery team and I noticed a need for short-form podcasts for higher education marketing professionals, so we produced one. Appendix B consists of candid conversations about the state of higher ed marketing that are right around 10 minutes in length.

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Loyola Marymount University (2018)

I redesigned and built (with developer help) an accepted student portal integrated with LMU’s Slate CRM.

  • Effectively eliminated summer melt
  • Strengthened new student affinity with the university
  • Automated work for LMU admissions staff

How I did it

  • UX research and process mapping
  • Defining user journeys and identifying friction points
  • Human-centric UX design
  • Collaboration across multiple university departments

Greenville University (2019-2021)

I started offering website auditing services through Bravery in 2018. My undergrad alma mater hired me to do an initial audit in 2019 and an additional capstone audit after they implemented our recommendations.

  • 400% conversion rate increase year-over-year
  • Improved website accessibility

How I did it

  • UX research and technical auditing
  • Recommendations based on actual data, not just best practices

Writing, etc.

Presentations, Keynotes, and Teaching

I’m a born teacher, it seems. Whether speaking at conferences, teaching college courses, or jumping on a podcast, I am energized by sharing what I know with others and always learn something new in return.

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